Saturday, February 2, 2008

From Sharon Goddard, Founder and Executive Director of Keep Carrollton Beautiful:

Want to help your community?  Here’s how!
Carrollton Cares (our Making a Difference in Carrollton workday this year):  partnering with the City of Carrollton on Sat., Feb. 23 to work on the Elm Fork Nature Preserve; Dimension Tract; Josey Ranch Sports Complex, Library, Senior Center;and Nob Hill Greenbelt from 9:00am to 11:00 am.  Bring your tools, wheel barrels and help us.  See the City’s flier at:
Register at:
Idea Exchange:  Gathering representatives from all the already existing organizations (HOAs, Neighborhood Associations, etc.) together who support their neighborhood (community) to discuss successes, concerns and plans.  All invited, Sat., March 1st at 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at Josey Ranch Library's large front meeting room.  RSVP at 972.466.2121.
Electronics Recycling Program:  Office Depot Inc. has launched an electronics 
recycling program at all of its North American retail locations.  The "Tech Recycling 
Service" allows customers to recycle all types of personal electronics, from  
digital cameras to computers, by buying the appropriate-sized Tech Recycling 
Box at Office Depot stores.  The boxes sell for $5, $10 and $15 and include all shipping 
and handling.
Cell Phone Recycling:  The local Carrollton Office Depot at 2640 Old Denton and 190 
is also taking in cell phones to help Keep Carrollton Beautiful – and you don’t even 
have to buy a box!
Keep Carrollton Beautiful calendar: for all our other activities such as our 
Texas SmartScape classes and the Great American Cleanup 2008 go 

Preventing vehicle burglaries

Last November the Carrollton Police Department published guidelines to help us avoid vehicle burglaries.  With the recent car break-in on Earlshire and several incidents at 24 Hour Fitness, it seems worthwhile to remind ourselves of the following:

The Carrollton Police Department is asking for your help to reduce vehicle burglaries in the community.  In order to reduce your likelihood of becoming target for criminals, the Carrollton Police Department is providing the following information and encouraging you to be a harder target.


Since January of 2007 Carrollton Police Officers have responded to approximately 1,075 vehicle related burglaries and thefts

Some facts regarding these thefts:

  • 23% occurred during daylight hours
  • Unlocked vehicle doors were attributed to 30% of the vehicle burglaries
  • The most common method of entry is to break out a window.
  • Based on current trends, police investigators have noted that many identity theft cases start with a vehicle burglary.  Personal items taken from a vehicle burglary are often later used by suspects to commit identity theft crimes.  

The Carrollton Police Department is asking every citizen to help reduce these crimes by making themselves and their property a Harder Target.  Below are some suggestions on making yourself and your property a harder target:

  1. Always lock your vehicle.  Roll the windows all the way up and check your door handles before walking away.
  2. Always set your alarm system if your vehicle is equipped.
  3. Always remove all valuables, or anything that looks of value from your vehicle.  Remember, a gym bag full of dirty clothes could look like a bag with a computer in it to a thief.  
  4. Do not hide your purse or wallet in the vehicle.  Your personal information will be found by the burglar; this is not the thief’s first time to be in a vehicle.  If you thought about a good hiding spot most likely the thief has as well.  
  5. If you can’t take your items with you, place those in the trunk before you get to your final destination.  Burglars often sit in parking lots to see what victims are doing before and after they get out of the car.  They are watching to see where potential victims are hiding valuables or what they are placing inside their trunk.
  6. Please report any and all suspicious activity and persons to the Carrollton Police Department.
  7. The best way to prevent the burglary of your vehicle is to secure it inside your garage.

Do not give the thief any temptations.  Remove your bags, purses, radar detectors, GPS devices and stereo face plates.  Make yourself and your vehicle a harder target.  Only with the citizens working with the police department can we help prevent crime in our community.

What is H Mart?

By now you probably know that the former Mervyn's store is in the process of becoming Super H Mart, as Furneaux Creek Shopping Center is transformed to Asia North Town Center.  The store, as described on the company's web site, will be a "70,000-plus-square-foot complex" selling "East Asian foods and household goods and will house 32 shops, including stores selling cosmetics, vitamins, electronics and liquor. It will open late this month or in early February at 2625 Old Denton Road in Carrollton, says Jimmy Kim, marketing manager of the New-Jersey-based Korean-American company.  A food court will include restaurants specializing in Korean, Chinese and Japanese food, noodles, seafood and baked goods. If you're looking for whole-cabbage kimchi or freshly made stir-fried burdock, H Mart will be the place to go: The supermarket will sell Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippine, Indian, Thai and Laotian food, as well as Western groceries, Kim said."

Hmmm...not sure about that opening date, but the rest sounds interesting.

Inside a Super H Mart

Last winter Brad Mink, Economic Development Director for the City of Carrollton, visited a Super H Mart in Fairfax, VA—a suburb of Washington, DC.  He described the store favorably and provided these photos from his visit.